Coding vs Programming: 5 Differences You Should Know

Everyone knows the importance of programming and coding in today’s technology-driven world. The programmers as well as coders are of great importance as far as software development and online presence of a business is concerned.

Coding and Programming are often used in place of each other. However, there is a lot of difference between these two widely used terms.

Many experts argue that “coding is not the same as programming”. Well, that’s something new for those having no idea about both the concepts.

Everyone should be aware of the difference between programming and coding as these two terms are of great importance as far as web development and graphic designing are concerned.

If you’re also looking forward to understanding the basic difference between programming and coding, then you have finally reached a great place. Here, we have brought you all the details about the basic difference between both the terms that will definitely help you out in clearing all your doubts.

Now, let us start with the basic difference between programming and coding:

Programming & Coding Differences You Should Know

1. Definition

Let us start with defining both these terms. As you know that computers do not understand human language but Machine Code.

However, it is not easier for humans to adapt to machine codes, hence, in order to interact with computers a new term was coined – The Programming Language. So basically, Coding refers to the process of using a programming language to get desired responses from the computer
as per the requirements of the developer.

Whereas, Programming is a much wider concept than Coding. In fact, coding is a part of programming. In other words, Programming includes the structure or outline of the program such as planning, design, testing, deployment, and even maintenance.

Basically, Programming does not only involve coding but also understanding the data structures, analyzing and implementing algorithms, and solving profuse problems.

2. Scope

Coding is just a part of Programming and hence is a narrower concept.

While coding, you are required to give a set of instructions for the computer in the programming language so that it can understand exactly what to do.

On the other hand, Programming is a much wider concept as it involves defining the requirements, writing your code, logic, testing, and then finally forming an executable from suitable codes.

3. Skills

Coders are obliged to follow certain instructions as well as requirements in order to write a particular code.

Syntax of a programming language must be followed strictly while writing a code. Whereas, the programmers need a specialized degree along with years of experience in order to obtain the required skills and knowledge to write logic, analyze, design, and write complex programs.

Compiling, debugging, testing and implementation of code is also the part of a programmer.

4. The Requirement of Tools

If you’re good at coding and know the syntax, then all you need is a simple text editor such as Notepad in order to write those codes and then execute them.

On the other hand, developers require a range of development tools from categories like linkers, compilers, code editors, GUI, assemblers, designers, debuggers, performance analysis tools, and many more.

Programming assisting tools include Eclipse, Bootstrap, Delphi, ATOM, and many more. You should be aware of every tool to work efficiently. Since programming is a wider concept, it involves profuse tools for development purposes.

5. Support

In the end, let us now discuss the support facilities of both coding as well as programming.

Both coding and programming have broad community support for continuous development. Certain websites such as, Github, Toptal, SAP Community Network, etc. can be visited by both programmers as well as coders.

That’s the difference between the two most confused terms – coding and programming.


We hope that you must have got a fair idea about both coding as well as programming from the above points and won’t get confused again.

On this website you will get a lot of information on programming-related stuff – so keep coming back to enhance your knowledge.

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