5 Best Free Online Word Processors for You

Online word processors are a viable and often free alternative to conventional software that you install on your computer.

Word Processors provide seamless integration, cloud-based storage and the ability to view your work from any device that has an internet connection.

We’ve made a list of the best five free online word processors for you.

1. Google Docs: The Powerhouse Cloud-Based Word Processor

Google Docs has become a firm favorite among users looking for a cloud-based solution that mimics traditional word processors such as Microsoft Word.

It provides robust options for creating, editing, and collaborating on documents.

Its most appealing feature is undoubtedly its accessibility. You can work on your documents from any device, anytime, anywhere, and you can rest assured knowing that all your changes are automatically saved and synced in the cloud.

This is especially helpful when dealing with power outages or computer malfunctions, eliminating the risk of losing hours of work.

Google Docs shines in collaboration. You can easily share documents and track edits made by multiple editors, making it an excellent choice for team projects.

Also, you can convert and edit existing Word documents by uploading them, and even serves as a basic PDF editor.

However, Google Docs does have limitations, especially when compared to the full suite of features offered by Microsoft Word.

Also, it requires a Google account for use, which could be a turn-off for some users. Regardless, Google Docs remains a formidable choice for a free, reliable, and versatile online word processor.

2. Microsoft Word Online: For the Loyal MS Word Users

Microsoft Word Online caters to users who are fans of the renowned Word desktop application but crave the flexibility of a cloud-based service.

While it’s a stripped-down version of its desktop counterpart, Word Online offers a familiar interface and basic functionality, like adding tables, headers, footers, pictures, and more.

Real-time collaboration is also a strong suit for Word Online, enabling you to work simultaneously with other users.

Moreover, it provides options to save and share documents in various formats, including DOCX, PDF, ODT, or even as a web page.

However, it’s worth noting that Word Online does miss out on many features found in the full version of MS Word, and it lacks support for many file formats.

3. Zoho Writer: Collaboration Made Simple

Zoho Writer stands out for its comprehensive collaboration tools.

The platform is accessible offline, includes version control for tracking changes, and even offers an integrated chat for real-time communication while collaborating on a document.

Zoho Writer doesn’t fall short in functionality either, offering an array of features found in traditional word processors. From creating and editing documents to customizing autocorrect features and uploading MS Word files, it has everything covered.

One of its standout features is the ability to save documents in popular formats like PDF and DOCX.

However, file organization could be better, and its functionality may still be lacking compared to MS Word. Nonetheless, if you value collaboration tools, Zoho Writer is an excellent pick.

4. Calmly Writer Online: For a Distraction-Free Writing Experience

Calmly Writer Online emphasizes simplicity and a clean interface. This online word processor is perfect for writers who need to focus without the distractions that come with complex word processing software.

However, this simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of features. In fact, it houses various functionalities in its menu button, such as opening existing documents, saving files, inserting pictures, and more.

The program includes a “focus mode,” which only highlights the paragraph or line you’re working on, thus promoting concentration.

However, it’s worth noting that it provides limited features compared to other word processors and lacks extensive documentation.

5. ONLYOFFICE Personal: The Advanced Online Word Processor

ONLYOFFICE Personal is an online word processor that combines a user-friendly interface with an array of advanced features.

It supports document uploads from your computer and integration with services like Google Drive, Zoho, Box, and OneDrive. Once finished, documents can be saved back to your computer in a variety of formats.

Its resemblance to MS Word, right down to the ability to hide the ribbon menu, makes it intuitive for users transitioning from the popular word processor.

Collaboration is also possible, including public collaboration, which allows non-registered users to work on your document.

Although importing documents from other products may be challenging and documentation can be improved, ONLYOFFICE Personal’s robust feature set and ease of use make it an appealing choice for more advanced users.


Each of these online word processors brings something unique to the table, and the right one for you depends on your specific needs.