5 Reasons To Be A Self-Taught Programmer and Coder

Programming is a way to communicate with computers and write precise instructions for it to follow.

If you want to learn to program and code then there are various ways – physical classrooms, online learning, on-the-job training, self-learning, etc.

In this article, we will look at why learning of your own (self-learning) could be a great decision for your career.

Here are the 5 reasons to be a self-taught programmer.

Why Become A Self-Taught Programmer

1. Plenty of Resources to Learn

In this digital world, there are various good resources for you to start learning to program. Various websites such as YouTube (www.youtube.com), MIT Open Courseware (www.ocw.mit.edu), Harvard Online Learning (www.online-learning.harvard.edu), Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) provide amazing courses which are available for free.

Other than these, there are many other resources, which also provide quality content to master programming and coding skills.

2. Large Communities to Get Help

If you have any doubts, there are always programmers on internet who are ready to help as they were in the same situation before.

Usually, everyone faces some similar problems at the beginning of coding, and most of them are already answered on the Stack Overflow website (www.stackoverflow.com).

Websites such as Geeks for Geeks (www.geeksforgeeks.org) and Quora (www.quora.com) also come to one’s aid when doubts come up while you are learning to code and programming.

3. Online Tests Websites to Practice

There are many websites for competitive programming like www.hackerrank.com, www.hackerearth.com, www.codechef.com, and many others where you can test your skills that you have learned and challenge yourself.

Also, they have challenges which one can practice every other day.

Participating in Hackathons and various other competitive programming contests can help you to expand your thinking for solving programming problems as well.

4. Google To Find Help with Problems

With the Google search engine at your rescue, any question or query that you have can be solved simply by searching it.

Fun Fact: Search ‘recursion’ on google search engine and it would show Did You Mean: recursion, even though its spelling is correct.

Have you ever wondered, why is that? Well, recursion in computer science basically means a function which calls itself directly or indirectly.

So, it’s great that Google as a search engine has incorporated this phenomenon into its algorithm.

5. Learning about Self

In the coming years, the most important skill that one would need will be the ability to learn on your own (self-learning).

So even if you face difficulties while learning, when you actually find the solution, the joy of getting there on your own would be immense and you would become aware of your own skills and the potential to grow in the field.

Tip: Be it any programming language, once the logic of how a program works and a bit of mathematics is clear, then by just learning syntax you can easily learn to code in any programming language.

Another advice is that, don’t learn too many languages. You need to learn the logic, how code works, and then relate it to other programming languages! Simple isn’t it.

“Programming isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you can figure out.” – Chris Pine


Can we do without programming? Yes, we can, but it makes things a lot easier and faster.

Consider an example of an Airline Ticket Booking System. Any flights you want to look up from city A to city B, you can know within seconds which flights are available and at what time.

Today, every technology incorporates programming. Knowingly or unknowingly you make use of programming everywhere. You just need to look around and see the possibilities of it.

Believe us, it’s worth it to try and learn how to code on your own.

It would open up new possibilities that you didn’t know existed before.

Even if you have doubts or are stuck up in a problem, you can always ask for help.

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