7 Reasons Why You Should Learn JavaScript Language

Confused? Among so many programming languages, why Javascript or JS? Let’s turn the spotlight on the statistics. 

According to the report by StackOverflow in 2019, Javascript is used by 67.5% of the total developers across the world.

If you are a beginner, choose Javascript as your first programming language as you will get a wide range of learning resources on the internet. If you have fundamental ideas, uplift your coding skills with JavaScript.

There are plenty of options open if you know the JS language and each reason behind this popularity worth it. Be it your career or your skill, JavaScript always enhances a developer.

C/CPP. Python, Ruby, SQL, C#, PHP, and the list goes on. If you want to know, among so many languages, why Javascript is one of the best languages, check out the following seven reasons.

Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level, text-based scripting language created and used to control the dynamic contents of a website. In 1995, Brandan Eich developed this programming language in just 10 days. 

Before you start learning a new language, know the reasons why you should learn JavaScript. 

1. Javascript is One of the Most Popular and Commonly Used Languages in the World

We always tend to follow the statistics, the numbers, and percentages. And as mentioned earlier, more than 65% of developers use Javascript. Websites are really important in this world, and Javascript can make interactive websites and control different contents on a website. 

As Jeff Atwood, co-founder of StackOverflow said, “Everything that can be written in Javascript will be written in Javascript”, it is quite obvious that this language has a wide range of usability. 

94.5% of the total websites are using Javascript for some reason, right? According to recent research, It is one of the most commonly used programming languages for web development. 

2. Javascript is Easy to Learn 

For beginners or for experienced coders, Javascript is comparatively easy to learn. It has been seen that many developers didn’t know some fundamentals of Javascript in spite of developing codes for years in this language!

Javascript can be easily learned and applied without any previous experience. Also, as there are many resources available, it is easier for beginners to learn this language.  

There are many online platforms like Coursera, Codeacademy, Udemy, Khan Academy, and many more where you can learn Javascript from Scratch.

3. Javascript is On-demand and Runs Everywhere

JS is an on-demand language and it runs everywhere on the Internet. You want to design the front-end of the website- use JS; you want to modify the back-end- again you can use JS. This language is running in browsers like chrome and many others since 1995. 

Clearly, all the statistics and reasons are indicating that Javascript is worth learning as it can be used for more than one purpose.

You might be wondering what are versatile applications of Javascript language? Let us see the applications of JS other than building websites.

4. Javascript is a Versatile Programming Language

Other than developing and maintaining the front-end and back-end of the websites, JS can be used in many other projects.

Both iOS and Android mobile applications can be developed in Javascript using Rect Native. Also, companies like Apple and Google have included JS for mobile app development tool kit. Desktop applications can be made using ElectronJS that uses Javascript.

Big Data and Cloud management are some of the most important projects now and Javascript is used here as well. This is one of the top four languages supported by cloud platforms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

JS language can be used to support the backend of blockchain technology. For IoT (Rapesbery Pi), machine learning (Tensorflow), Game Development (Unity) Javascript is widely used.

5. There are Career Opportunities in Javascript

As discussed earlier, Javascript is widely used for multi-purpose projects. And this leads to multiple options to build your career if you know this language properly.

From small start-ups to big companies, the job demand is high for developers who know JS. According to a report in 2019 by Devskillers, 70% of companies are looking for Javascript experts.

You can also start remote freelancing or can work in a full-time position with a good pay scale. It is always better to upskill your efficiency to get a better opportunity in your career.

6. Javascript has a Big Community Support

Due to its high popularity, Javascript has a massive developer community support. This community can help you with the confusion and you will get ready-to-use solutions as well for different complex codes.

If you have access to such large communities, you can find people who can help you while you need support in complex problems. Javascript has the largest community support on the internet like no other languages ever have.

StackOverflow, Geeksforgeeks, Github are some well-known platforms where you can find major community support in Javascript that helps you to learn and understand better.

7. Javascript is in the Browser

Javascript is the default language that works in the browser. You don’t need to set up the environment externally for coding or download compilers. All you need is a familiar web browser and a text editor to develop the code in JS.

These are the 7 best reasons to learn the Javascript language. There are plenty of platforms from where you can start learning.

You can go for some YouTube channels as well to learn JS from the beginning.


This article will help you to find the reasons to learn Javascript and why is it so important. 

From building your own website, creating useful automation in the system to upgrade your skills in coding to build a better career- Javascript language is important undoubtedly. 

Hope you find this article useful. So whenever you start learning Javascript, pick any of the learning resources mentioned in this blog and code to find a better solution in the tech world.

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