What is Google Docs and How do Google Docs work?

Google Docs is a free word processor application that lets you either sync and do your work on the same computer, or you can work with other people in real time.

It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word. In this article, we will answer all the questions related to Google Docs for you.

Let’s go through them and use this information to use this fantastic software for improving productivity and better workflow.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free, web-based word processor and spreadsheet program that may be accessed through a browser.

It is a collaborative program that allows multiple users to simultaneously work on a single document or spreadsheet.

Google Docs can be used as a collaborative tool by individuals, businesses and educational institutions.

How to Login in Google Docs

The Google email login is the most commonly used. It is also the most common way in which people access their Google account.

The Google email login is available on any computer and it allows for easy, fast and convenient to access your Gmail account and other accounts that you use that require a Google login.

A lot of people consider it to be more user-friendly than the Chrome browser plugin. What this means is that you don’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords like with the Chrome browser plugin.

How to Create a Google Doc

  • Open Google Docs
  • Click your name or an existing document in the top-left corner of the page.
  • Select “New” from the drop-down menu.

How to Save a Google Doc

To save a Google Doc, open the document and select File > Save As… which will prompt you to specify the name of the document. You can then specify that it should be saved in your Google Drive or in an external location on your computer.

How to Share a Google Doc

1. Open your computer and then open the Google Doc you want to share.

2. Select “File” in the top left corner of the screen and then select “Share”.

3. Type in an email address or screen name (this is for the person you are sharing with, not the public).

4. Click on “Send Invite” and people will be able to edit your document with that email address or screen name.

How to Track Changes in Google Docs

To track changes in Google docs, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Google Docs and make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Select the “Tools” tab and open the “Track Changes” menu.
  3. Select “Who has made changes?” and then you have to toggle it to show the people that have made changes in your document. This will allow you to view who’s made any updates/additions to your document, but it won’t show when changes were made.
  4. Select “What did they do?” and it will show you which type of edits were done by the people making them – this option allows you to see when changes are being made, even if you don’t know who’s making them.
  5. To view the full revision history of your document, select “Track Changes” again and then choose to view “All Versions” or choose whichever dates/versions you want to review.

How to Print From Google Docs

To print from Google Docs, go to File and then Print. The Print button should be in the upper-left corner of your browser.

How to Edit Google Docs Offline?

  • Open the Google Docs.
  • Select File > Offline Mode.
  • A list of Google Docs that are available offline should appear. Select the one you want to work on offline. The document will now open in your browser window, and you can edit it as if you were connected to the Internet.

How to Change Margins in Google Docs?

To change your margins in google docs, you can go to “File”->”Page Setup” -> Double-click margins -> Set margins for left and right.

How to Add a Page on Google Docs

To add a page in Google Docs on the desktop, go to the “Insert” tab in the menu bar and look for “Page Break” under the “Break” option.

You may create a new page in the Google Docs mobile app by pressing the + symbol at the top of the screen.

How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs?

Hanging indent is a type of indentation where the first line appears shorter than the rest.

You can do a hanging indent on Google Docs by highlighting the text you want to indent and then clicking the “Format” tab at the top of your document.

The hanging indent will be in the “Paragraph” section of where you highlight the text.

How to insert Text Box in Google Docs?

  • To add a text box, pick Drawing from the drop-down option after clicking Insert. The dialog window for drawing will display.
  • Select the Text box option.
  • To make the text box, click and drag in the drawing area.
  • When you let go of the mouse, a text box will emerge.
  • Click Save & Close when you’re finished.

How to Draw on Google Docs?

You need to open the drawing tool by clicking on the Tools button then select Drawing. This opens up the drawing space with basic tools like paint, markers, lines, shapes and text.

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the simplest way to remove a page is to use your Backspace or Delete key to delete all of the text on the page. You may also change the size of your margins, which will allow you to move content off a page and erase it.

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs?

  1. Go to and begin or continue working on your document.
  2. Select “More Fonts” from the top toolbar, which will open a pop-up window.
  3. Choose any more fonts from the left column, then click “Ok” when you’re ready. These fonts will be included in your primary collection.

How to Double Space in Google Docs?

  • Open a Google Docs document on your PC.
  • Choose the lines you’d want to alter.
  • Click Format. Line spacing.
  • Select a line spacing option: To change your paragraph spacing, click Single, 1.15, 1.5, or Double.

How to Strikethrough on Google Docs?

  1. Select the text you wish to strikethrough with your cursor.
  2. In the header, go to the “Format” section.
  3. Hover your mouse over the “Text” button.
  4. Choose the “Strikethrough” option.

How to check Word Count on Google Docs?

The word count on Google Docs is found by going to ‘Tools’, followed by ‘Word Count’.

You can also press ‘Ctrl + Shift + K’ for the word count.

How to Add Footnotes in Google Docs?

To add footnotes in Google Docs, select the text that you want to footnote. Then click Insert -> Footnote.

In the footnote dialog box, type your text at “Footnote text.” You can then click Insert.

If you want to add a footnote that references another section of the text or other document, click Insert -> Reference , and then follow the steps for cross-reference.

How to do Subscript and Superscript in Google Docs?

You may either choose some text first or position the cursor where you wish to insert it into your document to format it in superscript or subscript.

After that, go to Format > Text and choose either “Superscript” or “Subscript” from the options.

How to change Background Color in Google Docs?

  • From the menu, choose File -> Page setup.
  • To change the color of a page, click the Page color icon.
  • Pick a color from the palette.
  • Click the “OK” button.

What is Google Docs Forms?

Google Docs Forms is an application from Google that allows you to create online forms that are hosted within your Google Drive.

It’s a good way for teams of people in different locations to collaborate on a project, gather information from a survey or event, and use the responses collected in a spreadsheet.

What is Google Docs Voice Typing?

Google Docs Voice Typing is one of many tools that can be used to help you type your documents with your voice.

I hope the above information on Google Docs will be quite helpful to you.

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