10 Easy Python Projects for Beginners with Source Code

They say the fastest way to become good at something is to practice. Practice makes perfect. This logic is applicable to learning Python too.

Python is a high-level programming language that can be used for a handful of things from Games and Web development to Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

As powerful as the language is, Python is easy to learn and very readable which makes it a favorite amongst individuals new to programming; kids and adults alike.

As a beginner, it’s common to be eager to begin building projects and showcasing your newly acquired skills. Don’t go around embarking on a project that would leave you weary and feeling incompetent.

In this post, we would be looking at 10 projects for python beginners that would be an easy and fun challenge. The source code for each one would also be available!

Python Projects for Beginners


Rock Paper Scissors
Source: Playworks

You know the rules; Rock beats scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper. This is a classic game and the urge to get it up and running is enough motivation to get you coding.

This is a perfect challenge to master your use of random functions if statements and loops.
A number of functions would have to be created; one to check the validity of the player’s move, one to declare the winner of a round, and one to keep scores.

Source Code : Github


A lot of basic python knowledge is tested in this project. Hangman is a guessing game that has evolved from a paper and pencil game to various versions being built for the web.

The basic rules of the hangman we would be building is that the program comes up with a word or phrase and the player has to input a string amongst a certain number of guesses.

To build this, you’d be using a lot of Else if statements for operations like:

  • Verifying the player has inputted a valid letter
  • Detecting whether the player has won or lost the game.

Using variables, random functions and else if statements, this is a good project for the beginner pythonista.

Source Code : Github


This is a quite handy project that you could actively use after building. A URL shortener takes a lengthy URL and shortens it to only about a few letters.

To do this, you could either make use of APIs like Bitly or you could do it without APIs. You’d need to import the required libraries, define a few functions and test your program before deployment.

It’s an easy and handy project that should take a short time to build.

Source Code : Github


With basic knowledge of Python and IDE, you could build your very own random password generator.

To do this, you’d need to write functions that receive integers and input functions for string and punctuation. Be sure to end your code with a .join() which puts the inputs in one line before it is presented to the user.

This task involves use of Random library and sequencing.

Source Code : Github


A chatbot is a software that is able to interact with humans using natural language like English for small talk and to answer simple questions.

Ever been on a website and a text box scrolls in from the side and usually asks how it can be of help? That’s a chatbot.

With Python, you could build that. It involves simple code with functions that print a message when invoked.

To do this, you’d need to create a function to initiate a conversation with the user and also make use of imported libraries.

Source Code : Github


Yet again another very handle tool that you could build with python that only requires basic python skills.

The To-Do List boosts your productivity and is a great way of showcasing your python knowledge.

The list enables you to add items to your list chronologically and mark them if they have been completed. This can be accomplished using Django or Flask which are python frameworks.

Source Code : Github


A calorie tracker is different from a Calorie Counter which is somewhat an intermediate project.

A calorie tracker displays the total calories consumed which the user inputs themselves as integers.

The app displays the total calories consumed, the average in a week or month (however you program it) and shows the days with the most and least calorie intake.

This is a python Django project for those learning python for web development.

Source Code : Github


Great project idea for studying and productivity.

A website blocker blocks websites which can be distracting to the user within a period of time. To put in simpler terms, while your website blocker is in use, certain websites that pop up will be unable to open during that period of time.

By writing a simple function to add and remove website URLs and also making use of imported modules, you can build your very own website blocker.

Source Code : Github


TTS reads inputted texts aloud and can also read files like word document and books from other applications.

Although, the original way a building such a project, when making use of APIs such as Google Text to speech (GTTS) in this case; it becomes an easy technology to build.

With the use of GTTS alongside Tkinter and the playsound module, you can easily build your text to speech project.

Source Code : Github


For this project, you’d need to make use of Google Translate Ajax API to detect languages and translate text.

The language translator translates words, phrases and sentences from one language to another. We would also make use of other libraries like Tkinter as well as basic concepts of Python.

Source Code : Github


Python is a fast-rising skill that is projected to be in even more demand in the foreseeable future. Building projects even as a beginner is important as it helps you master the skills you’ve learned.

It also serves as a form of practice and sheds light on the areas you’re lacking. Even better, at the end of it, you have more work to showcase for a portfolio and are a step closer to being an advanced level Python programmer.

Start building!

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