7 Programming Languages For Getting a Job

Programming Languages are high in demand for a job search.

Recruiting companies prefer those candidates who are having prior knowledge or experience of programming so that they can also handle the technical faults on the websites.

Programmers or developers enjoy great benefits in their occupation such as limited working hours, working remotely, great exposure, decent earnings, and many more.

But you must be aware that coders choose one programming language and do their specialization in that particular language only.

Programming is a very wide concept and does not only involves learning a particular code. You can also create your own codes using any of the programming languages.

More experience in programming ensures fewer chances of committing silly mistakes. Programming is very much innovative.

Moreover, a programmer enjoys his/her role and learns a lot while developing a new website or application.

It also gives them exposure to meet new programmers with a totally different mindset and thus, increases their chances of exploring new worlds.

But there are so many programming languages in the technical world. The problem here arises, where to start from?

If you’re also searching for a particular programming language that you can learn easily, then you are on the right track.

We have brought you 7 programming languages that will help you build your career and help you find the right job for you. Now, let us discuss these programming languages to get a fair idea about each of them:

Best Programming Languages For Securing a Job

1. Python

Let us start with one of the easiest to learn programming languages i.e. Python.

With its simple syntax which is straightforward and easy to understand, Python is considered to be perfect for beginners.

Python was developed by Mr. Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. Python is one of the programming languages popularly known for machine learning and deep learning applications.

Python can be used to build applications and many existing applications like Instagram and Pinterest are built using the Python framework.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is also amongst the top popular programming languages in today’s technology-driven world.

JavaScript provides you with web development, mobile apps development, and browser game development. JavaScript also conforms to the ECMAScript specification.

It is an object-oriented computer programming language which is useful while adding amazing and interactive effects to web browsers.

JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, the other two being HTML and CSS.

Major popular websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon use JavaScript in their front end.

3. Swift

Another easy to learn and understand programming language is Swift.

Swift was developed by Apple in 2014 specifically for Linux and Mac applications.

Swift is easy to grasp programming language with more fun & learning. The syntax of the Swift programming language is also short yet expressive.

Swift language is designed to build applications or to add new features to the existing ones. 

It also provides exciting latest features that usually any programmer looks for.

4. Java

If you’re a programmer or a fresher, you must have heard about Java.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java was developed by Oracle Corporation in May 1995.

Java is useful for the programmers or developers as this programming language is great at saving their time for recompilation.

Same Java code can be reused in any platform that supports Java.

Java also helps the developers in creating new applications as well as websites.

5. Ruby

One of the easiest to acquire programming language is Ruby.

Ruby was developed originally by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in the 1990s.

It has a more human-friendly syntax while being flexible from the object-oriented structure of the language.

You can go through some online lectures to have a clear idea about Ruby.

You will be able to grasp things quickly as it is one of the easiest to learn programming languages.

Ruby is commonly used in web development.

Ruby is well known for its Ruby on Rails web application framework which is used by many websites like Twitter, Shopify, Bloomberg, and many others.

6. C & C++

The programming language C is the successor of language B. C is considered to be one of the oldest programming languages to be used in today’s tech world.

C++ reflects the advanced version of the C programming language.

Both C & C++ are high-performance languages used in web development.

Many developers skip C and try hands-on C++ to acquire advanced knowledge while others prefer learning C as it will pave the way for learning C++ for them.

Both languages are always high in terms of demand.

7. PHP

Lastly, we will talk about another easy to learn programming language PHP. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages with the increased demand of developers as well as programmers in the technology-driven world.

PHP also has a large Open Source Software Community.

PHP allows you to test and check unique codes.

Programmers from around the globe prefer PHP over other programming languages as it provides a great platform to improve your skills.


That’s all!!! These were the 7 programming languages that will help you get a job and help you to boost your career.

We hope now you have got a fair idea about different programming languages and you will be able to choose the most suitable programming language as per your interest.

For more information related to programming languages, please read our other articles in this website.

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