7 Best Resources to Learn How to Code

Coding is something that can’t be learnt in a day or two.

Programmers have built a great place in today’s tech world. And, the perks of becoming a programmer like high in demand, remote work, less working hours, and many more are already known to all.

But, still, a question prevails i.e. how do I become a programmer then or where do I start from? If you’re also one such eager researcher and want to know about the available online resources where you can learn to code, then you have reached the right destination.

We have brought all the necessary information that you must know before searching for any online resources to learn to code.

Coding requires a lot of patience and hard work. It is full of innovation and you may build your own codes while learning to code.

Programmers with high experience have a greater scope of getting a job while for the newbies with knowledge of coding is always considered a plus.

Let us now discuss the 7 best resources to learn coding:-

Coding Best Resources For You

1. Coursera

Coursera is considered one of the best platforms for online learning.

Coursera provides details of the course you want to pursue, time requirements, and weekly divided lessons so that you can give time to other important works.

Learning while getting time for other work is what is the need of the hour and Coursera provides the same.

Coursera has professors from some of the best universities like UC San Diego, Stanford, UC Davis, and Duke.

You can learn to code through this platform as per your speed and grasping level. Most of the courses available on Coursera require payment, however, you can also opt for financial aids.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the leading platforms as far as code learning is concerned.

Codecademy provides free coding courses in 13 programming languages including Java, Ruby, CSS, C, C++, Python, and many more.

Moreover, recently Codecademy has also partnered with Google to provide Go or Golang which is Google’s new open-source language.

You can also enroll now for this course at Codecademy. Codecademy has students learning from all over the world and the doubts can be solved by asking the professors who are always ready to solve them.

You may choose from a variety of programming languages and select whichever suits you the best.

3. Codewars

Interesting name, isn’t it? Codewars is a great platform to enrich your programming skills through interesting challenges.

It adds a competitive touch to the process of learning to code. It enhances your programming skills by providing an interesting platform with a martial art theme which boosts the confidence of the learners.

You can choose from the profusely available programming language and the questions will be displayed accordingly.

You need to make progress through the rankings in order to master the language after completing the “kata” challenges which reflects the final level of the war.

4. Khan Academy

Thinking about learning to code from the very basics? Yes, Khan Academy is the perfect platform for you.

Although it is marketed towards the young mind, it is really a great place to learn online from the very basics of any programming language you are interested in. Khan Academy provides profuse courses that will help you control the basics and end with finally mastering the subject in hand.

You can skip anytime and continue the course at your own pace.

These courses are built with an aim to enhance your skills and think as a developer would do.


Want to learn from a wide range of programming languages? does the work for you. Don’t trust its name!!! Although it is named after the Python programming language, the website has more than that.

You can choose from various available programming languages and learn at your pace.

You can continue with the course anytime as it provides a Table of Content that shows your progress and you can resume from the point where you left.

Millions of students are already learning to code with You may solve your doubts with the Facebook community which is active 24 hours.

6. MIT OpenCourseWare:

The word “MIT” says it all!!! Yes, an online learning course from the reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can find everything from programming languages to humanities subjects gathered in one place in a synchronized manner.

MIT OpenCourseWare has a very wide variety of courses for everyone. You can learn from the basics of any course and can master that after finishing the course.

Everything looks cool till now, but what about the fees? It’s absolutely free here!!! Yes, MIT OpenCourse provides online lectures free of cost.

That means you will be able to learn from the top professors of the top university for free. It offers more than 2,400 courses to choose from.

7. Udemy

Want to join millions of students who are already engaged in order to learn new skills?

Udemy is another online learning platform that has more than 50 million students from different parts of the world and 57,000 instructors for helping them.

You can choose from profuse programming languages and then finally specialize in that language in order to progress in coding.

Never forget that coding is something that really requires your patience and hard work. You can’t become a coder in a few days.

The more experience you gain as a coder more will be the chance of getting the desired results.


We have explained all the 7 best resources from where you can learn to code. So, what’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

You can check our website for other information on coding and programming languages.

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