10 Best Ethical Hacking Software & Tools for Hackers [2021]

Are you looking for best ethical hacking software and tools then this article will help you.

When hacking is used to discover possible dangers to a computer or computer network, it is referred to as ethical hacking.

Penetration testing, intrusion testing, and red teaming are all terms that are used to describe ethical hacking.

Here is the list of the top Ethical Hacking tools and software that are going to be useful for you.

Let’s begin:

Best Ethical Hacking Software & Tools for Hackers

1. Nmap

Nmap is one of the top scanning tools for ethical hacking, and it works with all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Nmap (network mapper) is an open-source program that scans a network for vulnerabilities by scanning different ports.

Nmap is useful for auditing device security, detecting open ports on remote hosts, network mapping and enumeration, finding vulnerabilities in any network, and doing massive DNS queries against domains and subdomains.

2. Burp Suite

Burp Suite Professional is a prominent penetration testing and vulnerability discovery tool that is frequently used to evaluate the security of online applications. Burp is a proxy-based tool that is used to assess the security of web-based applications and do hands-on testing.

It provides a diverse range of specialized and consistent reports in an efficient and consistent manner.
With 100 percent accuracy, it identifies major weaknesses.

Features of Burp Suite

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • IOC Verification
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Target Analyzer.
  • Task Scheduler.

3. WebInspect

WebInspect is a hacking tool for executing ethical hacking techniques through automated dynamic application security testing. It’s one of the best hacking tools for doing in-depth dynamic analysis of complex web applications and services.

With this tool, you can test the dynamic behavior of live web apps in order to find security flaws.
You can keep track of your scan by viewing pertinent data and statistics with ease.

Novice security testers might benefit from advanced technology such as simultaneous crawl professional-level testing.

Easily provide management with information on vulnerability trends, compliance management, and risk management.

4. Netsparker

Netsparker is great for detecting security problems in online applications and APIs, such as SQL injection vulnerabilities and cross-site scripting.

Netsparker checks the detected vulnerabilities in a unique way, ensuring that they are genuine and not false positives, so you don’t have to waste hours manually checking the vulnerabilities once a scan is completed. It’s offered as both a Windows program and an online service.

This tool is completely adaptable and it has a capacity to output 1,000 web applications in just 24 hours.

5. Medusa

Medusa is one of the best online ethical hacking tools for brute-force, parallel password cracking. Ethical hacking is also a popular usage of this hacking tool.

It’s built to be fast, massively parallel, modular, and login brute-forcer. The primary objective of this hacking tool is to support as many remote authentication services as possible.

It is one of the best online hacking software for doing thread-based parallel testing and Brute-force testing. User input can be varied. It can be specified in a number of different ways. Each service module is stored in its own .mod file.

6. Aircrack

Aircrack is one of the most effective, reliable ethical hacking tool available in the market.

It is used to identify unprotected wireless networks. It has the ability to export data to text files. It can verify the capability of Wi-Fi devices and drivers. All types of operating systems and platforms are supported by this software. It provides WEP dictionary attack support and improved tracking performance.

7. Ettercap

Ettercap is a tool for ethical hacking. It offers functionality for network and host analysis, as well as active and passive dissection.

It is one of the greatest hacker tools available, supporting both active and passive protocol dissection.
ARP poisoning is a feature of ARP poisoning that allows two hosts on a switched LAN to sniff each other.

Characters can be injected into a server or a client while the connection is still active. Ettercap can sniff an SSH connection in full-duplex.

It’s one of the greatest hacking tools since it allows you to sniff HTTP SSL encrypted data even if you’re using a proxy. Using Ettercap’s API, custom plugins may be created.

8. John The Ripper

John the Ripper is a prominent password cracking program that was created by the Unix Operating System. Because of its capacity to auto-detect password hash types, most pen testers and ethical hackers choose John the Ripper to ensure security.

The main purpose of John the Ripper is to test encrypted passwords. It provides a number of password crackers into a single package. It comes with a cracker that may be customized.

9. Wireshark

Wireshark that was previously known as Ethereal is a tool that assists in packet analysis and deep inspection for a variety of protocols.

It can decompress the gzip files easily. Wireshark can decode protocols such as IPsec and ISAKMP. It is capable of both live capture and offline analysis.

10. Angry IP Scanner

This is a cross-platform, open-source Ethical Hacking tool that primarily assists in scanning IP addresses and ports. Angry IP Scanner is free to use.

You can choose from a random file or a file in any format. The results can be exported in a variety of formats. It comes with a command-line interface and there is no need for Installation.

So these are the 10 Best Ethical Hacking Software & Tools for Hackers [2021].

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