Python vs JavaScript | Features, Differences, Applications

In this article, we will discuss two very popular and powerful programming languages in today’s world that is Python and JavaScript. We will discuss their features, syntax, application, and the difference between them.

If you are a beginner and confused about which language you should learn first. Then you must see the key difference between them and select according to it.

It is very important to know about the language briefly before choosing it. Every language has its own different features and uses which make them powerful in their respective fields. Both are in good demand in their respective fields.

So keeping all these things in your mind, you must choose the right language according to the need of the task you want to do.

So Let’s get a brief introduction about them.


Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because of its simplicity, flexibility, versatility, and many other features. It is a high-level object-oriented programming language. Python has multiple uses.

It is widely used in scientific applications, including data science, medicine, astronomy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many more useful fields. Moreover, It is also used for web development. It is used for back-end development.

Many beginners are suggested to learn python due to its simplicity which makes it easy to understand and easy to implement for the user. Also, it is very useful in many fields. So if you really wish to start with a simple language and do not have any specified requirement, then you should look for Python.


JavaScript is a high-level, object-oriented scripting language.

It is famous for creating interactive web pages. It is used for both front-end as well as back-end development. Initially, JavaScript was meant for front-end development but now it is also used for back-end development.

Thus it offers full-stack development. It runs in the user’s web browser without using any resources from the server as it follows the rule of client-side programming.

You can directly include the javascript code into your HTML document. It does not require any additional compiler. Browsers only execute and run the code.

It is widely used in web development due to its versatility that offers many essential tools required to develop the components of a web application.

If you really want to learn about web development then you should look for JavaScript.

Let’s discuss their Features:

Features of Python

  • Easy to read, to understand, and to implement.
  • It is free and open-source.
  • Low-level modules can be included in the Python Interpreter.
  • Python can run on various platforms with the same Interface.
  • It offers an ideal structure and can support large programs.
  • It offers support for automatic garbage collection.
  • It has a large standard library provides a rich set of module and functions.
  • It supports high-level dynamic data types.
  • The compilation time is very fast.
  • Provides easy concurrency support via goroutines.
  • Binaries are linked statically which are simple to deploy.
  • It can be integrated with C, C++, and Java programming code.

Features of JavaScript

  • It is a multi-platform language.
  • It is widely used for both client-side and server-side.
  • It has a strong testing workflow.
  • It is easy to learn and implement.
  • It offers added dependencies.
  • It has an in-built function to determine the date and time.
  • It is platform Independent.
  • It provides greater control to the browser instead of being completely dependent on web servers.
  • It is very useful while using forms.
  • It has very handy features to generate HTML content for the web.

Let’s discuss their Applications:

Applications of Python

  • This language is very useful in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning.
  • Used in game development.
  • Used in software development.
  • It is also used in web development.
  • Used in Language development.
  • It is very useful in scientific and numeric applications.
  • Used in Ad hoc programming.
  • Used in XML processing.
  • Used for GUI applications.
  • Used for Education programs and training courses.
  • It is the secret ingredient behind many OS.
  • It is very useful in Image Processing and Graphic design applications.

Applications of JavaScript

  • It is mainly used in Web development.
  • It is used in Front-End technologies like JQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.
  • It is used in Server-side technologies like MongoDB, Node.js, etc.
  • It is used for Web applications.
  • It is used to create presentations as Websites.
  • It allows building secure and scalable applications.
  • It is also used for mobile app development.
  • Used in Dynamic Single-Page Applications (SPAs).
  • It is also used for smartwatch apps.
  • It is also used in flying robots.

Every language has some disadvantages along with its benefits. This is the reason new programming languages are created to fix them, to add some advanced features, to make them more useful. So, we should know about both advantages and disadvantages of any language. So,

Let’s discuss their disadvantages:

Disadvantages of Python

  • Used in limited platforms.
  • It is quite weak in mobile computing, hence not preferred for app development.
  • It keeps on collecting garbage collection.
  • Functional optimizations are not supported by the compiler.
  • Multithreading in Python is not really multithreading.
  • Due to its dynamic nature, it shows more errors at run time.
  • Under-developed and primitive database access layer.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • It can not be used for networking applications because there is not much support available.
  • It has a lack of Debugging facility.
  • Client-Side JavaScript does not allow to read and write the files. It is done for security purposes.
  • It only supports single inheritance.
  • A single error can stop the entire code to run.
  • Its Sluggish Bitwise function takes more time to run. Thus, reduces its speed.
  • It does not have any multiprocessor multithreading features.
  • Different browsers interpret JavaScripts differently.

Let’s discuss some head to head difference:

Between Python and JavaScript

  • REPL
    • Python has an in-built REPL.
    • JavaScript didn’t have an in-built REPL.
  • Mutability
    • Python has mutable and immutable data types.
    • JavaScript has no concept of mutable and immutable.
  • Numbers
    • We have different numeric types (like int, float, fixed-point) in Python.
    • JavaScript has only floating-point numbers only.
  • Strings
    • In Python, ASCII is the default source code unless we specify any encoding format.
    • JavaScript should be encoded as UTF-16.
  • Inheritance
    • Python uses a class-based inheritance model.
    • JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model.
  • Hash Tables
    • Python has in-built hash tables (dictionaries, sets) used in hashing with keys and values.
    • JavaScript has no such in-built hash tables.
  • Code Blocks
    • Python uses Indentation.
    • JavaScript uses curly brackets.
  • Data types
    • Python has two similar data types that are list and tuple.
    • JavaScript has an in-built array type.
  • Properties and Attributes
    • Python allows defining an attribute using descriptor protocol.
    • JavaScript objects have properties that can be composed of underlying attributes and lets you define a property.
  • Modules
    • Python comes with a wide range of modules and known as a batteries-included language.
    • JavaScript comes with very few modules like date, math, JSON, regexp and has the functionality available through the host environment.
  • Function Arguments
    • Python will raise an exception on encountering incorrect parameters and accepts some additional parameters passing syntax.
    • Javascript doesn’t care whether the functions called with exact parameters.
  • Mobile Application
    • Python is not a good choice for developing mobile applications.
    • JavaScript is a good option for mobile development along with front-end and back-end development.
  • Uses
    • Python mainly used for data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and various math operations.
    • JavaScript is mainly used for Web Development, helps to build a website or native applications.
  • Speed
    • Python is slow to run.
    • JavaScript is faster as compared to Python.
  • Ease of learning
    • Python is easy to read, understand and start as compared to JavaScript.
    • JavaScript is also easy but quite takes time to start as compared to Python.


So, We have discussed everything about both the languages Python and JavaScript. Both are easy to understand. A beginner can choose any language to select according to their key points and differences mentioned above.

If you are looking for Web development, then you should learn JavaScript. You can consider JavaScript for front-end development.

If you are looking for data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, or if you are looking for back-end development, then you should select Python.

I hope you get some ideas related to both the programming languages and hope you make your mind clear to choose the language accordingly.

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