Write a JavaScript Program to Display the Multiplication Table

Multiplication tables are essential math skills that every student must learn.

These tables come in handy when solving multiplication problems, and it’s crucial to memorize them.

However, memorizing them can be challenging, and that’s where a JavaScript program to display the multiplication table comes in handy.

To create a multiplication table using JavaScript, you need to write a script that will display the table on the webpage.

Below is an example of a JavaScript program that displays the multiplication table of a given number:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Multiplication Table in JavaScript</title>
<h2>Multiplication Table</h2>
    var num = prompt("Enter a number: ");
    document.write("<table border='1'>");
    for(var i = 1; i <= 10; i++){
        document.write("<td>" + num + " x " + i + "</td>");
        document.write("<td>" + num * i + "</td>");

The program uses a prompt dialog box to get a number from the user.

It then uses a for loop to create a table that displays the multiplication table of the number entered by the user.

The for loop iterates from 1 to 10, and for each iteration, it multiplies the current iteration by the number entered by the user to get the product.

The result is then displayed in a table row along with the multiplication problem. The program continues this process until it reaches 10, which is the end of the multiplication table.

The program then closes the table and outputs it to the webpage.

In conclusion, creating a multiplication table using JavaScript is easy, and with the above example, you can create a program that displays the multiplication table of any number.

This program can come in handy for students who want to practice their multiplication skills, and it’s a great addition to any math-related website.