10 Best Programming Languages For Web Development

Web development is a very important domain in the field of computer science.

Due to the vast growth and need for web development, there are various languages that can be used by web developers to code for it.

The best among all the web development languages that can be used and implemented includes Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, and R language.

Below are some of the top programming languages for web development.

Programming Languages For Web Development

1. Java

One of the major advantages of Java for web developers is that it is a platform-independent language and thus you can write the code once and use it anywhere.

It is highly compatible with different platforms and operating systems. Also, Java is a very secure language because it employs advanced features of cryptography, access authentication, etc.

It has a very wide set of APIs and open-source library functions which are freely available.

Above all, Java is an object-oriented programming language which is highly beneficial for backend web development, as the code is modular and organized and hence manageable.

Java supports multithreading and the community support for java is also excellent.

The very few disadvantages of Java are that it takes longer to learn and writing the code can be difficult and tedious compared to other languages used for web development.

2. Python

Python is very easy to learn and thus writing and understanding the code is very simple because of its simple English-like syntax and less code for more work.

Debugging in python is very easy because the execution is carried out line by line and as soon as an error is encountered the code stops further execution from that stage, this makes debugging easy.

It also has a huge set of libraries that are useful in developing web applications. It is also a free open source programming language.

The cons with this language are that it is comparatively slow in speed because of its line-by-line execution and also it requires large memory which is disadvantageous when you need to build web applications with memory optimization and also its database is underdeveloped.

Overall, it is good for server programming but not that great for client interaction programming.

3. JavaScript

It is another very popular and widely used language for web development. It is simple to learn and use and also it is a very fast language when it comes to client side browsers.

It helps in creating very good interfaces and is unhindered by backend side network disturbances. Also, it is very versatile as it can be operated well with other languages and thus can be used to create great applications.

Though being more popular and useful for the above reasons it lacks security. Also, different browsers interpret the javascript code differently which is a disadvantage at times.

4. R Programming Language

It is a continuously growing language which can be used for various applications including web development.

R is an open-source free language with good community support. The best thing about R is the wide packages available for creating visualisations.

It is also platform-independent and the same code can be run on different operating systems. Though you may find it a little complex in its syntax, and the data handling is not that great.

5. PHP

It is one of the most commonly used scripting languages for web development and is in high demand in the software industry not only at present but also in the future.

Also. an added preference of PHP over other languages is that the code written in PHP can be embedded into HTML.

It is comparatively easy to learn as it has features of both procedural and object-oriented programming.

It is also a free open-source language with great community support and very good library support.

Though, it cannot be used for creating huge websites or very big applications because it is not a modular language and thus maintaining and debugging is difficult.

6. Go

Go or Golang is another popular, modern and new language used in the field of web development.

It is a fast language that is also easy to learn and understand and also has easy APIs. An instrument for built-in testing comes with it.

Because it is a new language it is still being developed and also the libraries available are good but not yet wide in number as compared to other languages.

7. Kotlin

Kotlin is a language mainly used for server-side or backend development and since it targets JavaScript hence can also be used for frontend development.

The growth of Kotlin in the future is huge in the field of web development when earlier it was thought to be used mainly for Android development.

It is a fast language and since it runs on JVM, all the JVM packages can be used by it.

8. Ruby

It is another popular and strong scripting language that is object-oriented, easy to learn and understand, fast, and emphasizes the DRY code.

It is easy to maintain, debug, and update. Today many eCommerce websites or different business enterprises work on Ruby.

It is one of the best languages that you could choose for web development.

9. Swift

It is one of the most loved and fastest growing languages.

It is a free open source language and is easier and readable for the developers. Since it is a new language it is not fully developed and compatible.

It is commonly used for creating computer Linux and Mac OS.

10. CSS and HTML

These are the basic scripting languages used for web development.

These are used in frontend development and web page designing.

These languages are very easy to understand and learn and are free to use. Most of the websites have their source code written in these languages.


So in this post, you got an idea of which languages are used for what purposes and the advantages and disadvantages of all.

Since, web development in itself is a wide domain including frontend, backend, and full-stack so learning and implementing a couple of the above languages for frontend and backend will be best for you.

On this website, you will get a lot of knowledge in relation to coding and programming.

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