7 Most Popular Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence [AI]

Artificial Intelligence [AI] refers to the idea of developing human-like thinking and action capabilities in machines.

Artificial Intelligence has a very bright future due to its need and the ease it brings to human life.

Nowadays, we see that many restaurants are using robots to deliver food to the table, or even in the medical field, artificial hands and legs are being used for specially challenged people.

All of these are the applications of Artificial Intelligence.

The applications of AI are not limited but vast and extensive and is only going to increase and expand further in all fields.

So it is a great idea to learn and implement Artificial Intelligence.

When it comes to learning, you need to choose a programming language for the same and some of the best programming languages to choose from are listed below:

Best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence

1. Python

When it comes to AI, undoubtedly Python is the best language for it. There are many reasons why you should choose Python over any other programming languages for AI and one of them is it being very simple and easy to learn.

Due to its short syntax, it enables you to get more work done by writing very little code.
The time required for development is very less compared to other languages.

A large number of frameworks and libraries like NumPy, Pybrain, Pandas, etc) available in Python, a few of which are very useful for AI and makes the work easier.

Python supports procedural, object-oriented, and functional, all three orientations.

It also has great community support and the only disadvantage that comes with it is its slow speed.


Another great language for AI is LISP.

LISP was created in 1958 by John McCarthy, who is known to be the father of Artificial Intelligence.

It enables easy dynamic object creation and automatic garbage collection.

LISP has features that will help you in processing mathematical notations easily. It is a very flexible, adaptable, and easy language.

Also, source code written in LISP is made up of lists that can be made into data structures which leads to macrosystems.

The only thing is that the unique features of LISP have been incorporated into other languages as well and hence LISP has lost its uniqueness.

3. Java

Wherever there is a requirement of Object-Oriented Programming, you cannot forget but think about Java.

The best thing about Java is its ability to work efficiently with search algorithms and on big projects.

It is also very easy to debug and maintain code in Java due to its modular and easy to understand syntax. Also, the code written in Java can be run on different platforms and OS which supports Java.

It has very good community support and many open source libraries.

It has library packages like Swing and SWT which are good for graphics, interfacing, and designing, and has access to big data platforms including Apache which are very useful for AI development.

4. R

R is one of the oldest and the best language when it comes to statistics, visualizations of data, big data modeling, and data analysis, and the field of AI development requires a lot of these.

It is a multi-paradigm language and an open-source language as well.

Besides the regular use of R language, its packages like Tm, GModels, Class, RODBC are useful for Machine Learning algorithms and AI.

It has a lot of packages like MXNet, TensorFlow, which makes it easier for working on data.

The reason it is not preferred much these days is that it lacks data security and uses a lot of memory.

5. Prolog

Prolog is an extensively used language in AI today.

It is a logic programming language majorly associated with AI and computational linguistics. There are various free resources available for it.

It is a language that runs parallel to LISP when it comes to development in Artificial Intelligence.

Its features like pattern matching, automatic backtracking, language parsing, and many more lead to a very efficient and strong framework for programming.

There are a lot of frameworks to bridge between PROLOG and other languages.

It is also used in AI-related development in the medical field.

6. Scala

Though Scala is a new language in the AI field, it is gaining fair popularity and recognition in the industry.

It can handle large amounts of big data and is again a multi-paradigm language that supports functional as well as, object-oriented programming styles.

It is easy to read, understand, and write and is quite similar to Java.

The best thing about it is that it is a fast language compared to many other languages.

It has good community support and a large number of libraries and features like DeepLearning4j, ScalaNLP, etc which makes it easier to work with Scala for AI.

7. Rust

Rust is a very loved system-level programming language.

It was created at Mozilla in the year 2010 to write safe and good performance codes where objects can be managed in the source code itself which will help the programmer save time and work. It also saves a lot of memory.

It is a fast language and is the most loved language on StackOverflow.

It is also an open-source programming language and supports multi-paradigm programming.

Though there are a few disadvantages that come with it like no garbage collection, and slow development of code.


Though it is tough to pick any one language for AI, still these are the best languages that you can choose from for development or projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We have tried our best to list the top Artificial intelligence languages for you.

We have also told you about the advantages and disadvantages of all the languages as well, thus making your choice easier.

These 7 languages are the ones that you will find in the list of best language suggestions for AI.

Other languages like Julia, Perl, Haskell, C++, are also quite popular for AI but do not stand at equal power to the above-mentioned languages in our opinion.

At last, if you still want to know one specific language suggestion for learning AI, then it would be to opt for Python.

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