9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language

Programmers are very much high in demand and companies are always looking for fresh talents for the post of Java programmers.

Programmers are required to work less as compared to other employees of the very same company.

They also have the option to work remotely. Moreover, they receive good salaries in return.

Everyone wants to learn to code. But the question here arises, where to start from? You must have heard about Java before, whether you belong to the programmer’s community or not.

For those having no idea what it is…Java is an object-oriented programming language. Here we have mentioned in detail the Java language and why should you prefer it over other programming languages.

Java is commonly known for WORA or Write Once, Run Anywhere.

It means that a particular compiled Java code can be used in various platforms that support Java.

Hence, there is no need for recompilation. Java is very much similar to C and C++ as far as the syntax of the language is concerned.

Java can be used for web development also. Web development has become an important task for developers. It refers to the development of a website on the internet or intranet.

Here are the best books to learn Java Programming Language.

Now, let us discuss some of the reasons for preferring Java over other programming languages:

Why Learn Java Language

1. Quite Easy to Learn

Java is considered to be easy to acquire programming language.

Even freshers or newbies can start with Java as its syntax is not complex. In fact, the syntax of Java is very much similar to English.

So, even if you don’t belong to the programming world, you can start with Java.

2. Has a Large Community

As you must have noticed in Android, there is a community that will help you out of each problem that you face.

In the same way, Java also has a large community that provides support in case you are in need of any type of assistance.

The community varies from different ranges such as beginner, advanced, and even expert level who are always ready to assist you and solve your doubts.

3. Free of Cost

One thing that attracts most programmers is that Java programming language falls under the Oracle Binary Code License (BCL) and it is free of any cost.

That means you can easily use Java for development purposes, and also test environments.

However, if you are looking forward to using it for commercial purposes, you are required to pay some fee for that.

4. Write Once, Run Anywhere

As mentioned in the introduction, Java is commonly known for Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA).

This means that this programming language is platform-independent as the compiler converts the Java source code to byte code which can then be executed on any platform that supports Java using the Java Virtual Machine.

This makes it easier to read and write codes of Java programming language.

5. Development Tools

Java is loaded with Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s).

These IDE’s are helpful for the programmers as it offers many facilities for the development of software such as debugging, code completion, language support, syntax highlighting, etc.

Some of the examples of Integrated Development Environment includes Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Thus, these Development Tools result in easy as well as faster programming which attracts developers.

6. Always High In-Demand

Choose a language that can help you build your career.

Java is one of the programming languages that remain in high demand.

Java is used in web development as well as Data Science. And in today’s technology-driven world, Java programmers are always in high demand.

That’s why you don’t need to worry about it being out of fashion. Java has also emerged as one of the top programming languages in 2019.

As it is simple to understand and even a beginner can learn coding in Java, it is considered one of the top programming languages.

7. High Stipend

As you are aware that Java is amongst the high demand programming languages, you can also expect a high figured salary in this technology-driven world.

Java rules the web development and Data Science fields at present and promotes high growth and hike in salary.

More experience in Java means that you can expect more salary while switching jobs.

Java programmers have received some high figured salaries in the US.

8. Versatility

Java is considered to be one of the versatile programming languages as it can be used for programming applications on the desktop, web, and even mobile with the help of lots of available platforms.

Certain features of Java such as dynamic coding, multiple security features, platform-independent characteristics, network-centric designing, etc. make Java a versatile programming language.

9. Open Source Library

One of the distinct features of Java that makes it unique from other programming languages is that Java has multiple Open Source Libraries.

These can be studied, copied, shared, changed, etc. for development.

Moreover, certain libraries such as Maven, Google Guava, JHipster, Apache Commons, etc. are helpful in making Java development easier, cheaper, and faster.


We hope that you would have now understood the scope of learning the Java programming language.

These were the reasons to choose Java over other programming languages in today’s world.

Kindly note that you must know about your interest and learning skills before learning any new programming language.

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