11 Javascript Things You Should Know

Javascript is one of the best programming languages to develop feature-rich websites, maintain front-end, fast, and seamless web applications, automation, and many more. 

Javascript is a simple yet useful scripting language that is used to make scalable web applications. But there are more things in heaven and earth!

You need to know some important facts about the JavaScript language. It will help you to use this tool for better production.

So, let us discuss the top things you should know about Javascript.

Javascript Things You Should Know

1. All About JavaScript Origin

Before discussing the facts, it is important to understand the significance of Javascript. Have you ever thought, why Javascript is important? How Javascript is developed? 

In the early 1990s, the internet started growing importance, and browser, internet explorer were the key players. Javascript, known as ‘Mocha’ earlier, was developed in just 10 days by Brandan Eich as a scripting language.

It is pretty clear that the Javascript language has a large importance in the world of coding till today and was developed out of genuine necessity.

2. Everything in Javascript is Nothing but Object

‘Object’ in Javascript plays a crucial role in programming. Javascript has a prototypical inheritance and objects present in this language can inherit from other objects as well.

If you are wondering about the second heading, let me tell you even functions are objects in Javascript. And the most interesting part about this is, the objects are dynamic. We can manipulate the nature of the existing objects at any point in time.

Javascript has a global object instead of a linker that has all the functions and variables under it.

3. There is no Block Scope in Javascript

As there are no block scopes in Javascript, we need self-calling anonymous functions or lambda. These functions let us define the scope for a module and isolate it from the global scope.

Scopes in Javascript are one of the foundational aspects of this language. The scope is useful to define the local variables in a specific range in the programming and increase the accessibility or visibility of a new variable.

4. Functions are Important in Javascript

Javascript functions are one of the most powerful tools in coding. Unlike C++/Java functions, important functions in Javascript like ‘map’, ‘reduce’, ‘filter’, ‘find’, ‘forEach’ have been implemented in the official specification of the Javascript language. 

Generally, there are three types of functions as ‘Global function’, ‘Nested function’, and ‘Member function’. There are more than one ways to execute functions in Javascript. 

This is one of the best advantages of Javascript that both functional and object-oriented programming approaches are available here.

5. All About Javascript Syntax

Coercion is an important part of Javascript syntax. Type Coercion, which is a type conversion like string to number can be both implicit and explicit. 

Another important part is cloning. To design any prototype pattern or application design, cloning plays an important role. 

var originalObj = { prop: “value” }, 

    clone = Object.create( originalObj );

Exception and error handling in JavaScript also demand syntax sense. It provides predefined error objects such as RangeError, SyntaxError, URIErrror, and many more.

Handling errors in Javascript is also very important.

Try to remember the hacks properly like two types of comparator- ‘==’ and ‘===’, distinct ‘null’ and ‘undefined’. 

6. Framework in Javascript

Vue.js, Angular, and React.js are some of the most famous Javascript frameworks that are important for application based use. It is essential to understand the application beforehand if you want to opt for some job.

React.js is an open-source, Javascript library to build fronted-framework for UI. Angular is a popular open-source tool to develop mobile and web applications. Vue is important for one-page application and User Interface development.

7. Module Pattern in Javascript 

Module Pattern is one of the most important patterns in Javascript that is used to design patterns to wrap a set of variables and functions together in a single scope. It makes objects clean and readable. 

The Module pattern is widely used by developers to define objects and specify the functions and variables to get access from outside the scope.

8. Asynchronicity in Javascript  

Asynchronicity is one of the most essential aspects of Javascript. Your website can load in a multi-stream process in asynchronous sync with the ‘async’ tag. 

Want to fetch data from the backend or process data request in the backend itself? Asynchronicity feature will help you out with it. This is one of the main advantages of Javascript as it replaces callbacks by returning meaningful values and promise-based functions. 

9. Optimize with Javascript Minification

Minification is adapted by many programming languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc., and an efficient way to minimize your code. 

Page load time visibly decreases with the decrease in the size of the code by removing all the unnecessary characters from the source code. 

Factors like a line break, comments, additional spaces increase the code, followed by an increase in page load time. As a developer, it is better to execute Javascript minification to make it more orderly. 

10. Difference between Java and Javascript

Wondering if there is a difference between Java and Javascript? Actually, there is hardly anything common between them. 

Javascript is a scripting language whereas Java is an OOP language. Also, Java is a standalone programming language but Javascript is used in the websites along with HTML code.

11. Javascript is on-demand

Why we are talking so much about Javascript? Because this is worth learning.

Javascript has high-demand and one of the commonly used languages in the world. It runs everywhere on the internet starting from the bowsers to Game development. You will get strong community support whether you are a beginner or a developer. 

And yes, there is a decent career opportunity if you know Javascript properly with great pay scales. It will definitely boost your skills.


As we have discussed in the article it is all about the little hacks we should know about Javascript that enhance our skills.

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