How to Fully Delete a Git Repository Created With Init

Git is a distributed version control system used by software developers to manage their source code.

A Git repository is a directory that contains the history of a project’s files and is stored on the local computer or a remote server.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fully delete a Git repository that was created using the ‘git init’ command.

Locate the Repository

The first step is to locate the Git repository that you want to delete.

If the repository was created on the local computer, then it will be stored in a directory on your hard drive.

You can use the ‘cd’ command in the terminal or command prompt to navigate to the repository’s location.

Remove the Repository

Once you have located the repository, you can delete it by using the ‘rm’ command in the terminal or command prompt.

For example, if the repository is named ‘my-repo’, you can delete it with the following command:

rm -rf my-repo

The ‘-rf’ option stands for ‘recursive force’ and it tells the ‘rm’ command to delete the repository and all of its contents, including subdirectories and files.

Remove the Repository from the Remote Server (Optional)

If you have a remote Git repository, then you need to delete it from the server as well.

This can be done by using the ‘git push’ command with the ‘–delete’ option. For example:

git push origin --delete my-repo

This command will delete the remote repository named ‘my-repo’ from the ‘origin’ remote server.

Clean Up

After you have deleted the repository, it’s a good idea to clean up any references to it in your Git configuration file.

This file is stored in the ‘.gitconfig’ file in your home directory.

You can use a text editor like nano or vim to open the ‘.gitconfig’ file and remove any references to the repository that you just deleted.


In this tutorial, we have shown you how to fully delete a Git repository created with the ‘git init’ command.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the repository and all of its contents are completely removed from your computer and remote server.