How to Edit TikTok Videos

TikTok is an incredibly popular app that allows users to create and share short-form videos.

With over a billion active users worldwide, it has become one of the most widely used social media platforms.

But how do you create TikTok videos that stand out from the crowd?

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to edit TikTok videos and make them look professional.

Select and Record Your Video

The first step in editing a TikTok video is to select the footage you want to use.

This can be done by either filming a new video or selecting one from your camera roll.

When filming, make sure you use good lighting, clear audio, and an interesting angle.

Once you have the footage you want to use, it’s time to start editing.

Add Music

Music is a crucial part of any TikTok video.

To add music, click on the “Sounds” icon and browse the available music library.

You can search for songs by title, artist, or genre.

Once you’ve found the music you want to use, click on the “Add to Favorites” button.

You can also adjust the volume of the music to your liking.

Apply Filters

TikTok has a wide range of filters that you can use to enhance your video.

To apply a filter, click on the “Filters” icon and select the filter you want to use.

You can also adjust the intensity of the filter by using the slider.

Use Effects

In addition to filters, TikTok has a range of special effects that can be applied to your video.

To use effects, click on the “Effects” icon and select the effect you want to use.

Effects can range from adding a blur to your video to creating a green screen effect.

Edit Your Video

Once you’ve added music, filters, and effects, it’s time to edit your video.

TikTok has a range of editing tools that you can use to trim your video, adjust the speed, and add text.

To access these tools, click on the “Adjust Clips” icon.

Add Captions

Adding captions to your TikTok video can be a great way to engage with your audience.

To add captions, click on the “Text” icon and select the “Captions” option.

You can then type in your caption and adjust the font, size, and color.

Publish Your Video

Once you’ve edited your TikTok video, it’s time to publish it.

To publish your video, click on the “Next” button and add a caption, hashtags, and location.

You can then select who can see your video and hit the “Post” button.


Editing TikTok videos can be a lot of fun and a great way to showcase your creativity.

With the steps outlined above, you can create videos that stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your audience.

By selecting your footage, adding music, applying filters and effects, editing your video, adding captions, and publishing your video, you can create TikTok videos that are both entertaining and engaging.