What is Files Over Miles and its Alternatives [2023]

In this article, we will cover What is Files Over Miles and its Alternatives.

What is FilesOverMiles

FilesOverMiles is a proof-of-concept browser-based file sharing service that allows users to send files directly to others without intermediate servers.

It operates in a browser using Adobe Flash Player, ensuring user privacy through encryption and avoiding file hosting on servers.

The service provides high-speed transfers without relying on intermediate servers and is free to use as it does not consume bandwidth for file transfers.

FilesOverMiles Alternatives

1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a versatile file sharing solution that enables peer-to-peer, real-time digital content sharing across platforms without relying on cloud storage.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, allowing users to share files of any size and format without limitations.

Registration is not required for most features, and it also provides a platform for suggesting and voting on new functionalities.

2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a widely-used service for transferring files of various sizes from one location to another.

Users can share files up to 5GB for free without registering.

WeTransfer features expiring links with customizable time or date limits, ensuring secure file sharing.

It also supports user suggestions and voting for new features.

3. SendGB.com

SendGB.com is a complimentary file transfer service that permits users to send files up to 5GB without registration.

Files are stored for up to 90 days, and password-protected transfers provide added security.

With unlimited downloads, users can share files with multiple recipients without constraints.

SendGB.com also offers email notifications for each transfer and unrestricted upload and download speeds.

4. Xender

Xender is a popular file-sharing application that supports the sharing of files in any size and format.

Boasting fast and secure transfers it is 50 times speedier than Bluetooth.

Xender utilizes wireless fire transfer technology, eliminating the need for an internet connection. Its user-friendly interface is also ad-free.

5. Terashare

Terashare is a file-sharing tool that facilitates offline file sharing without the need for servers or cloud storage.

There are no restrictions on file size or type, and registration is not necessary for most features.

Terashare is an ideal solution for users seeking secure file sharing without internet dependency.

6. MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is a free file-sharing tool that enables quick and secure data sending or sharing.

It supports reliable transfers for individual files up to 20GB and allows password protection for added security.

Users can also extend expiration periods for shared files. MyAirBridge is available in multiple languages and does not require registration for most features.

7. Orzeszek Transfer

Orzeszek Transfer is a straightforward file transfer utility designed for sending large files to recipients via a web browser, bypassing unreliable IM file transfers.

Its user-friendly interface is portable, allowing usage from a USB stick without prior installation.

Orzeszek Transfer is perfect for those seeking a simple and hassle-free file-sharing method.